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Group Course for Companies

As we know, Chinese language is as useful as its worldwide economic presence, distinctive cultures and historic phenomena.  We assure you, if you learn with Huang Laoshi Mandarin Centre.  We assure you that our Beginner Mandarin training package performed in an interesting and engaging way will empower you or your staff to:

  • nourish the brain with stimulating new knowledge
  • use some basic Chinese for conversation, to build a better relationship with Mandarin-speakers in daily life or at work.
  • acquire a good grasp of Chinese business etiquette.
  • develop good communication and relationships with Chinese suppliers, clients or business partners.
  • reinforce your confidence while communicating with Mandarin speakers or visiting China.

The practical and easily comprehensible contents will be offered to our learners in each lesson of our program that can be used right away in their daily life.  HLS Mandarin Centre will always focus on what works best for the learners, so we also use some internet technologies to help learners study effectively such as YouTube and Skype for Business.

Our learners will definitely be equipped with skills to comprehend the cultural difference between East and West in our exquisite programs as the language training is completed by our cross-cultural introductions.  These cultural training contents are designed and delivered by our professional trainers to familiarise learners with:

  • how to do business in China
  • office or corporate culture in China
  • dinning etiquette, food and drink
  • influential philosophy and religions
  • Past 100 years of development
  • typical modern lifestyles in China
  • traditional values & beliefs of family, friends, money, education and more.

We are quite confident that our introduction to this semantic language with long Chinese history will open a door to look at the Far East cultures through different eyes and the linguistic logic will showcase to our learners the way of thinking, philosophy, social cultures, lifestyle and art.  The program will offer our learners refreshing and in-depth insights of the Chinese society.

Lunch Break or Late Afternoon / Early Evening course organized for your company staff from R1000 per hour. All learning material (Class PPT, Tea pots, Chopsticks etc.) are included in the price.

We recommend to take our most popular training packages below to start with, our trainer will update the material with relevance to your industry, ie financial services, import & export, law, into the flexible module in the package, to make it a customised training package just for you and your staff.  If you would like to discuss an alternative training schedule and requirements, please consult us at


Beginner Training

12 weeks of interesting language learning to assist learners to manage all Mandarin phonetics, 5 tones,  basic communication skills along with cultural introductions, business etiquettes and some life skills in China.


Context Training

12 weeks to learn basic language skills and cultural awareness for various daily life contexts, such as introducing yourself or your team, the office culture in China, how to do business presentation, being a host to Chinese guests, appreciating Chinese tea, dinning in restaurants, taking a cab in China, making a phone call to China or booking accommodation, even singing karaoke in Mandarin, a practical training for business essentials.


Culture Masterclass

12 weeks to explore the many features of traditional and modern Chinese cultures through sharing of real life stories, telling of tales and hands-on workshop. We bring to you knowledge of Emperors and royal family in China, Taoist, Confucianism, art and religion, martial arts, Chinese fashion, social etiquette and protocol, the past 30 years of economic development, from manufacture in China to design in China, as well as interpersonal relations and more.