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Do you know what the top 1 Chinese language school in South Africa is? Yes, it is the Huang Laoshi Mandarin Centre. You can find further information on google easily.
Our Mandarin Centre is listed as the top 1.
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Huang Laoshi Mandarin Centre is located at Cape Town in South Africa. The founder and his wife both come from Taiwan and they are South African citizens now.You might dislike Chinese communist regime, so do we. However, let us make politics belong to politics. I believe that if you can understand your enemies more, then you can deal with them better.

Our Centre offers diverse Mandarin Chinese courses such as private lessons, group courses and E-tutor online long-distance courses.We also offer various cultural events such online cooking lessons, tea party, Chinese chess lesson, Chinese calligraphy lesson, Chinese painting lesson and Chinese paper cutting lesson.

In many developed countries, such as US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and Australia, Mandarin Chinese is the most popular optional second language in primary and high schools. In 2015, the Department of Education in South Africa officially announced a new language policy allowing Mandarin Chinese as an optional language in South Africa’s school system. The new language policy was officially implemented in January 2016.

Huang Laoshi Mandarin Centre is a legally registered institution in Cape Town since February 2014. The Centre mainly focuses on providing 3 categories of services, being “Chinese Courses” (online and physical), “Cultural events” and “Merchandise”. Our goal is to introduce the beautiful language and culture of China to South African people.

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